MENDOCINO volunteer

There are two major categories of fire outbreaks—structure fires and wildland fires. Each are treated a bit differently, but much of the same equipment is used in fighting both types of fire. Depending on the time of year, Cal Fire may join the effort, and depending on the severity of the fire, mutual aid from other departments may also be requested.

After a 911 call reports a fire in our district, Cal Fire is notified who then notifies MVFD. The siren is sounded at the station on Lansing Street in Mendocino, the firefighters are paged, and an ambulance is notified to stand by. Within 7 to 10 minutes, 20-25 firefighters are assembled, outfitted, and transported in engines and trucks to the scene of the fire.

Each firefighter is assigned a particular task, such as minding the water tender(s), or laying the hoses, then the task begins of extinguishing the flames. It can be long and exhausting work, but gratifying once the fire is out.

Getting water

An engine gets filled with a new supply of water in the smoke filled atmosphere of a wildfire.

mvfd and cal fire

MVFD and Cal Fire team up to battle a wildfire near Big River beach.


This bewildering tangle of hoses makes perfect sense to the firefighting crew.


It costs approxiamtely $5,000 to outfit one volunteer. Please donate.

house on fire

While not possible to save the home, the blaze is contained to prevent further damage to the property.


The teamwork involved in firefighting leads to camaraderie and lasting friendships.

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